Friday, November 22, 2013

HDP Presents Flash Fiction Friday

A Buchanan Thanksgiving
by: Harper Jewel 

It was just over two years ago that Cassie St. Cloud turned twenty-six and had joyfully accepted proposals from the two hunky Buchanan brothers. Marrying Trent publicly, but marrying Trey, too, in her heart, after the living hell she’d been through was something she was still thankful for.

Rubbing her slightly rounded belly, she stood in the kitchen, preparing the turkey and fixings. She’d had to argue with her cowboys before they would allow her to do the cooking for their Thanksgiving meal. Both of them had insisted that she didn’t need to go overboard due to her pregnancy. But she was only five months along with the twins, and after a well-crafted diversion, she’d won this small victory over the two of them with a smug inner smile. She really did have them both wrapped around her little finger, even though they thought otherwise.

“Smells good, Darlin’, just make sure you’re not overdoin’ it, you hear?”
“Yes, Trey, I hear you. I promise if I feel anything other than perfectly fine, you’ll be the first to know.”

“And what about me, Little Filly? What am I…chopped liver?” Trent’s voice was full of playfulness.

With a small giggle she answered, “My bad, my husband. How about I just shout it out, that way you’ll both hear me at the same time?” She shrieked, nearly dropping the bowl for the mashed potatoes she’d just taken from the cabinet when both men crowded her against the counter and two large hands each pinched a butt cheek.

“Just for that sass, we might withhold the special dessert we had planned for you,” Trey censored as his lips grazed her ear.

With a smirk, she gave a mock look of indifference before replying. “Fine with me, you know I’m not much of a dessert person.” That comment got her another dual pinch and two rough growls that reverberated throughout her body, igniting her blood. “Now scoot, the both of you, or this dinner will be nothing but a crispy, charred mess. Go watch the football game until I call you to the table.”

Two teasing salutes later, they both left her in peace to finish the dinner preparations.

Less than an hour later, amidst rousing shouts and cheers for the Dallas Cowboys, the winning team playing the NFL Thanksgiving game today, she called them to the table. “I assume the game is over, so come sit. Dinner is ready.”

Trent pulled her chair out for her and waved her into the seat. “You sit now and let us serve you, sweetheart. Your work is done; you’re off the clock for the remainder of the day.”

“Oh really, and who do you suppose is going to clean up? The magic house elves?” Her reply came out mixed with a snort.

“That’s part of our dessert special, Darlin’. Us Buchanan men will be doin' the clean up while you sit with your feet up,” Trey said while blowing her a kiss as he poured some sparkling water into her glass.

Both of her “husbands” grabbed a chair and brought them to either side of her so that they were all sitting on one side of the long dining room table. Raising his mug of beer, Trent nodded at her to follow along. “A toast, on this, our second Thanksgiving together. The day you accepted both our proposals, Cassie, was the happiest day of our lives. But now that you’re carrying OUR children, we find that our happiness has grown exponentially. I love you with everything I am.”

“Here, here! As do I, Cassie love. More than you can imagine.” Trey clinked his mug to both his brother’s and Cassie’s glasses as she felt tears well in her eyes.

“I never knew what true happiness was till I met you both. Thank you for showing me the way.”

They ate leisurely; joking and enjoying the evening feast. Both men continually complimented the fine meal she’d made until their bellies were full and none of them could take another bite. As promised, both Trent and Trey made her go sit in the living room recliner with her feet up while they took care of cleaning the dishes as well as the dirty pots and pans.

The classical music playing on the stereo made her feel a bit melancholy as her memories began to drift. It had been six months since her best friend, Marcy Belamy, succumbed to breast cancer. She’d been too young to be taken so soon, and the hurt of losing the person she’d first made friends with when arriving in the town of Tyler, Texas was still quite painful. Even though she knew that Marcy had once lusted after her two tattoo artists, her friend had been so supportive when she realized how much Cassie loved both men. The hormones running through her body because of the babies she carried had her tearing up again. So lost in thought, she was startled when a pair of strong arms lifted her from the chair.

“Thanksgiving is supposed to be a happy day, Darlin’. What has you in tears?” Trey’s voice was filled with concern.

“Are you feeling alright, Little Filly?” Trent asked with all seriousness.

“Yes,” she replied as she swiped her teary eyes. “I was just thinking about Marcy and how I miss her.”

“Now, sweetheart, it’s understandable that you miss her, but you know she’s at peace and no longer in all that pain. I’m sure she’s watching over you as we speak.”

“Trey is right, little momma-to-be. Perhaps you’d allow us to take you upstairs so that we can take your mind off this and give you the rest of your special dessert?” Trent chucked her under the chin as his brother headed toward the stairs.

Two hours later as Cassie lay between her men, a more-than-satisfied smile on her lips, a vision of Marcy giving her a twinkling wink and a thumbs-up sign suddenly appeared in her head.

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