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New Release

O N   S H E L V E S   N O W 

Hunter Covey, star wide receiver for his high school football team, is afraid to reveal his craving to be more than buddies with his best friend. He fears Griffin will run in the other direction. After a sealed box of secrets held by his adoptive parents unlocks and spills its contents, only his incredible connection with Griff can keep him calm.
Griffin Lambros—gifted high school quarterback—kept his crush for his best friend to himself. But an accident at the state championship compels him to open up and reveal his inner desires. When Griff’s mom opens the proverbial Pandora’s Box, he will need every bit of help Hunter offers.
Nicknamed Whiny Will by the Haworth Cougars, William Davenport didn’t use his father’s connections to get on the team because he liked football. He craved to be close to his hidden infatuation—Griffin Lambros. Once Griff graduated, Will lost touch with him. However, fate intervened and tossed Will and his family’s scandal into the lap of his dreamboat without warning.
When they discover the three of them are shifters with powers—precognition, accelerated healing, empathic manipulation—it only adds to several other obstacles in their way. Can the three men accept their future to become the next formidable Tytonidae Triad, or will they let destiny slip through their feathers?

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Monday, October 26, 2020


Rerelease Coming October 30,2020

When fifteen-year-old Devin Hughes created his imaginary friend after getting bullied by the freshman boys in the locker room, he never expected Brice to materialize into a physical human being twenty-five years later. Nor did he ever anticipate Brice’s demonic surprise.

Brice, a demon enslaved to Satan, must bring individuals into their realm by convincing them to walk through the portal–a mirror–into hell so their souls can be harvested. To his disappointment, Devin proves to be a tough target, especially after he meets Matthew.

Matthew Lyons, CEO of Lyons Security, has a terrible habit of jumping into relationships too soon and too fast. But he can’t deny the zing his heart sustained the second he shook hands with advertising executive, Devin Hughes.

While sparks fly between Matt and Dev, Brice’s rage reaches record levels. But under no circumstances will the deceitful evildoer let the two foolish men ruin his plans.

When Devin realizes Brice’s true intention, it might be too late to stop the horrific consequences. Can the strength of Dev’s and Matt’s love defeat and banish Brice forever, or will the maniacal demon subdue both men and turn them into cadaverous trophies? Is love powerful enough to defeat a vengeful hellion?

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Upcoming Release

ON APRIL 30, 2020

Can a Plumarian reach deep inside himself to find a way to make the first move toward peace with the hostile Jadelings?

Nayix Lexion, Prince of Plumaria, finds himself dragged back to reality by his father and little sister after enduring an unexpected heartbreak and wallowing in isolation.

At the prospect of a possible rescue and saving Plumaria’s failing environment, he reluctantly agrees to journey to Earth. When several snafus get in his way, together with having his conscience tugged in two different directions, will he find the strength needed to survive? 

Will a Jadeling find a way to steer through the long-standing hatred for the Plumarians infused in him by his father?

Veldroi Ruvax, son of the Jadeling Elite Leader, gets thrown into his first mission to Earth. Doing his best to overcome his lack of education and training, he’s unprepared for the glitches hurled at him from all sides.

Faced with memory loss and haunting images, he can’t determine whether truth or fiction, will he be able to escape the foreboding dread he might at any moment become something evil? Or can he believe the words of his beguiling rescuer? 

Can a Plumarian and a Jadeling find a way past their differences and see what lies beneath their “skins?” Will they be able to work together to bring a murderer to justice and establish peace between their races while navigating their way through their skin-deep attraction?


Tuesday, May 28, 2019




Stuntman Draven O’Connor never turns down a dare—even if it means getting down on one knee to propose to his former college roommate and friend. The same man he’s been crushing on since the first day they met. The same man that has grown distant over the past year. And the same man who just agreed to be his fiancĂ©.

Julien Bouchard is tired of living a lie. He spent the past year exploring his sexuality in secret, enduring countless dates with women to appease his mother, and dodging his best friend, Draven, who knows everything there is to know about him, except the one thing that could change their friendship. Ready to face his friend, he meets him at a bar and is greeted by an unexpected marriage proposal. The dare isn’t surprising; it’s the scorching hot kiss that sends Julien’s head and heart in a tailspin—and gives him an idea for the perfect plan.

But his plan hits a bump when news of their fake engagement spreads to their families as fast as a wildfire, forcing them to confront their true feelings about each other and hope they don’t get burned.


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Grace Kilian Delaney writes sweet, sexy, LGBT romance with a touch of naughty. She grew up near Boston and relocated with her husband to Southern California, where the snow stays on the mountain and looks fantastic from far away. She is ruled by an ancient cat who is alive by sheer will alone, a dog that demands his walks, and plot bunnies that leave messes all over her kitchen table.


Twitter or @GraceKilianD

Monday, May 13, 2019


by Jackie Keswick

They thought to bury us. They never saw that we were seeds. Seeds of glass and steel, stronger and more resilient than either.

Hi all, I’m Jackie Keswick. And before I start I’d like to thank Harper for inviting me to visit her blog to talk about my latest release. Healing Glass is a fantasy novel that tells the story of glassmaker Minel, warrior captain Falcon, and a floating city made from magic.

One of the best things about writing fantasy is that I can design my very own world and decide how it works. I love medieval history, so that’s where I started when I imagined the backdrop for Healing Glass. The floating city came next, and once I knew how it looked, I also needed to find out how it worked. How do a large number of people live safely in a floating city?

I imagined it a bit like early medieval cities, where not every house had a kitchen or even a fire, and food and company were found in cookshops and taverns. Which, predictably, made me think about food.

I love writing about food, and there’s often far too much of it in my stories. Healing Glass, with its medieval setting, was a lovely challenge when it came to working out what my characters would eat. What did people in medieval Europe eat? First and foremost, bread. But also stews, pies, and a lot more meat and fish than we might think.

Minel’s work, making and enhancing glass, often leaves him ravenous and very thirsty, so I got to play with food. Minel loves wine, tries to make his own beer, and when he’s designing he loves to nibble on ferociously hot, pickled chillies…. He also loves nougat, which I was surprised to learn was actually available in early medieval times. And if this discourse made you look forward to dinner, then how about a sneak peek at one of the meals Falcon puts together for Minel.

Minel is dying and has decided not to seek a cure. He avoids company as he avoids food, until Falcon turns up in the city to look after him. Here, they’ve just shared their first kiss and it makes Minel question his decision not to fight his illness. And if that and Falcons’ dinner don’t perk him up, then I don’t know what will…


A dying city.

An ancient, forgotten accord.
And two gifted men caught in a web of greed and dark magic.
Despite belonging to different guilds, glass master Minel and warrior captain Falcon are friends. Their duties keep them apart, but when Minel falls ill and chooses death rather than the only known cure, nothing can keep Falcon from his side.
As their friendship grows into more, old wrongs and one man’s machinations threaten the floating city and leave both Minel and Falcon fighting for their lives. Can they learn to combine their gifts to save the city and its magic, or will everything they know and love perish before their eyes?
Healing Glass is an LGBT fantasy adventure with its head in the clouds. If you like medieval backdrops, impressive world-building, three-dimensional characters and a touch of magic, then you'll love Jackie Keswick's socially-conscious adventure. 
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EXCERPT from Healing Glass

The men who walked in Falcon’s wake brought food and arranged it neatly on the large table on the edge of the terrace. A tureen of soup wove its delicious flavour into the gentle breeze. Colourful salads teased his appetite. Small dishes of braised vegetables and broiled meats invited him to sample and taste. There were also sweet and savoury pastries, fried chicken, pickled plums, ripe peaches, and even a bowl of sorbet, set into a dish of salt to keep it frozen. Falcon had chosen several wines to accompany their meal and, for once, Minel appreciated that he couldn’t get drunk anymore. He loved wine and now he had a chance to try more than one at the same meal.

Yes, Falcon had outdone himself. He looked after Minel as he’d promised, and he only grew fierce when he spotted signs of Minel not taking care of himself.

Minel deserved those fiery glares. He’d been avoiding food as he avoided people while he came to terms with his own mortality.

He was just four and twenty, had only left the floating city to visit the woods that stretched at its base, and the villages and towns along the coast. He’d not travelled to see the mountains that lay beyond the forest, or the desert that lay behind those. He’d never thought he’d die before he’d explored every part of their world, in person or by proxy. He’d not yet read all the books he wanted to read, hadn’t drawn and studied all the plants and minerals that could be used to protect and help and heal, that could make his designs so much more powerful.

He had so much yet to learn, hadn’t yet turned into the craftsman he knew he could become... and leaving that journey unfinished hurt.

So he turned to the one man who might understand when he asked about regrets and unfinished tasks, whose gifts and training ensured that he walked in close company to death more often than not.

“Falcon... do you think there’s a moment when a man is ready to die?”



Monday, February 18, 2019

New Release by J. Scott Coatsworth


The final MM sci-fi book in J. Scott Coatsworth's "Oberon Cycle" trilogy is out - "Ithani"!

Time is running out.

After saving the world twice, Xander, Jameson, and friends plunge headlong into a new crisis. The ithani--the aliens who broke the world--have reawakened from their hundred millennia-long slumber. When Xander and Jameson disappear in a flash, an already fractured world is thrown into chaos.

The ithani plans, laid a hundred thousand years before, are finally coming to pass, and they threaten all life on Erro. Venin and Alix go on a desperate search for their missing and find more than they bargained for. And Quince, Robin, and Jessa discover a secret as old as the skythane themselves.

Will alien technology, unexpected help from the distant past, destiny and some good old-fashioned firepower be enough to defeat an enemy with the power to split a world? The final battle of the epic science fiction adventure that began in Skythane will decide the fate of lander and skythane alike. And in the north, the ithani rise…

Oberon Cycle Trilogy

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Book 1: Skythane:

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Book Two: Lander:

Dreamspinner eBook | Dreamspinner Paperback | Amazon Kindle | Amazon Paperback | iBooks | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | Kobo | QueeRomance Ink | Goodreads


Scott is giving away a $50 Amazon gift card and ten copies of "The Stark Divide," the first book in his other trilogy, his other trilogy, "Liminal Sky," with this tour. Enter via Rafflecopter:

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Venin stood under the dome of the chapel, the waters of the Orn rushing past the small island to crash over the edge of the crater rim, where they fell a thousand meters to the broken city of Errian below.

The Erriani chapel was different from what he was used to back home. The Gaelani chapel in Gaelan had sat at the top of a tall pillar of stone, open to the night sky, a wide space of grass and trees that intertwined in a natural dome through which moonlight filtered down to make dappled shadows on the ground.

This chapel, instead, was a wonder of streaming sunlight, the columns a polished eggshell marble with glimmering seams of gold. Red creeper vines climbed up the columns, festooned with clusters of yellow flowers that gave off a sweet scent.

Both were bright and airy, but the Erriani chapel lay under a dome supported by fluted marble columns, a painted arch of daytime sky and the rose-colored sun blazing overhead.

The last time he’d gone to chapel had been with Tazim, before his untimely death.

Long before the troubles that roiled the world now.

Something drew him back. A need to reconnect with his past. To bridge the gap between then and now, between who he was and who he had become. Taz would have liked this place.

The chapel here had survived the attack, while much of Errian had not. The city below was a jumble of broken corrinder, the multistory plants that were the main building stock for the city. They would grow again, but the sight of the city’s beautiful white towers laid low struck him to the core.

So had Gaelan looked, after the flood.

Venin turned back to the chapel and unlaced his boots, baring his muscular calves before he approached the fountain that splashed at its center. The cool flagstone beneath his feet sent a shiver up his spine, and green moss filled the gaps between the stones.

Some builder whose name was lost to time had tapped into the river itself to make the fountain run, and the water leapt into the air with a manic energy around the golden statue of Erro, before falling back down to the pool.

Venin knelt at the fountain’s edge on one of the well-worn pads, laid his hands in the shallow water, and let his wings rest over himself, making a private place to pray.

Erro and Gael, spare us from danger and lift us up into the sky with your powerful wings. He gave Erro deference, being that this was his chapel, but he hoped Gael would hear him too. The god of his own people had been known to intervene in mortal affairs before, and if what Quince had told them about these ithani was true, they would need all the help they could get.

Venin’s wings warmed.

He looked up in astonishment to see the statue of Erro giving off an intense golden glow. His mouth dropped open, and he stood and stared at its beautiful male curves and muscles. Maybe the gods were answering him.

Venin reached up and touched the statue’s outstretched hand. The shock knocked him backward onto his ass, and he hit the ground hard, slamming into one of the marble columns.

Venin groaned, stunned, and reached back to feel his wings and spine. He seemed to be in one piece.

Taz would have laughed his ass off at the whole thing.

After a moment he sat up cautiously. He wrapped his arms around his legs and stared up at the statue, his chin on his knees.

The glow was gone.

Did I imagine it? He stood and felt the back of his head. A lump was already forming there. That’s gonna leave a mark.

Something had changed. Venin didn’t know what yet, but he was sure of that much.

He pulled his boots back on and laced them up. With one last suspicious glare at the statue, he turned and stepped out of the chapel, taking a deep breath of the moisture-laden air.

Then he leapt into the sky to soar down to the broken city.

Author Bio

Scott lives with his husband of twenty-five years in a Sacramento suburb, in a cute little yellow house with a brick fireplace and two pink flamingoes out front.

He inhabits in the space between the here and now and the what could be. Indoctrinated into science fiction and fantasy by his mom at the tender age of nine, he quickly finished her entire library. But he soon began to wonder where all the queer people were.

After coming out at twenty-three, he started writing the kinds of stories he couldn't find at Crown Books. If there weren't many queer characters in his favorite genres, he would will them into existence, subverting them to his own ends. And if he was lucky enough, someone else would want to read them.

His friends say Scott's mind works a little differently than most - he makes connections between ideas that others don't, and somehow does more in a day than most people manage in a week. Although born an introvert, he forced himself to reach outside himself, and learned to connect with others like him.

Scott's stories subvert expectations that transform traditional science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary worlds into something different and unexpected. He runs both Queer Sci-Fi and QueeRomance Ink with his husband Mark.

His romance and genre fiction writing brings a queer energy to his stories, filling them with love, beauty and power. He imagines how the world could be - in the process, he hopes to change the world, just a little.

Scott was recognized as one of the top new gay authors in the 2017 Rainbow Awards, and his debut novel "Skythane" received two awards and an honorable mention.

You can find him at Dreamspinner here, Goodreads here, on Amazon here, on QueeRomance Ink here, and on Facebook here.

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