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His Dream Lover 
Published February 14, 2016

It takes a gorgeous blonde to make Tucker Rhodes realize that all work and no play isn’t a very healthy lifestyle. Too bad the whole mind-blowing encounter with the stranded biker was nothing more than a wet dream. Or was it?

When Heather finds herself back in Tank’s arms, she’s shocked to find the hunky Harley rider’s not only wide awake this time, but he’s also more than a just an overworked, stressed-out human who needs her help. As love blossoms, she longs for what could be. Her Elders offer to grant her wish… under one condition. 

Is Tucker’s love for Heather strong enough to defeat the odds?

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Trent & Trey
3rd Edition
Published May 7, 2016

Running from a dark past, Cassie St. Cloud vows to escape her worst nightmares. In her new guise, the fiery redhead remains strong, refusing to be a victim. Secrecy, the key to her survival, Cassie inadvertently finds herself squashed within a triangle of lust—one of her wildest dreams come true.

Trent and Trey Buchanan, two seriously sexy brothers in the eyes of many women in town, own the hottest tattoo parlor and a small ranch in Tyler, Texas. Talented artists as well as capable ranchers, they’re comfortable in their Stetsons and their tattoos. Pleasantly shocked, both cowboys find that a certain fragile female can bring them to their knees. 

When an unknown enemy takes advantage of an unexpected coincidence, Cassie’s life takes a plunge into a darkness she thought she’d left behind. Before long, this determined, evil adversary has all three of them running for their lives. Will they survive to love another day? 

*This 3rd edition has been expanded by 800+ words and re-edited. 

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