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Sunday Brunch for 8/25/13


First and foremost, it is a pleasure to have you here.  Welcome to Harper’s Sunday Brunch Interview!

Thanks for having me! I'm excited to be here!

So, can you tell us what makes JD Nelson tick?  What got you started on the path to becoming an author?
 I became an author completely by chance.  In Late 2008, I suffered through a long-term illness that kept me pretty much bedridden for weeks.  During this (extremely boring) time, I bought a Kindle and started to read everything I could get my hands on.  One of my favorites of all the books and series that I read was the Goddess Series and the House of Night Series by P.C. Cast.  On a whim, I emailed P.C. to tell her how much I enjoyed her series, but partly to complain about the lack of her newest HON book on Kindle (This was during Amazon's war with some of the big publishers).  She immediately wrote me back with an email address of the publisher, so that I could make my concerns known, but she also told me that I had an eloquent way of writing.  I'm sure that she was just being nice, however, what she said, lit a spark in me.  I thought to myself, what if I could write a book?  I started a romance that I intended to send to Harlequin Books that day, and though I never completed that particular book, I have since completed three more.  One of which, has hit the bestseller list on Amazon numerous times.  I will never be able thank P.C. enough for what she unknowingly did for me that day—ever.

What are you currently working on?  Would you care to share a snippet?
I'm working on the second book in the Night Aberrations Series, which should go into editing in the next couple of days.  I'm really excited about this release AND to finally be finished with this book, so that I can gear up to finish a Paranormal Christmas romance, All I Want For Christmas Are My Two Front Fangs, that's due to release in November.

Soren started barking orders. “Jakob look for the temple. Start with the original site. Nils, find your father, and then meet up with Jakob. I will visit Thor, my brother.”

“How amazing,” I said, sitting down before my weak knees buckled under my weight. How could I have forgotten that Thor was my brother too? 

Soren huffed. “He is not that amazing. Trust me.”

Emelie laughed. “You’re cute when you’re jealous, Soren.”

He ignored the smattering of laughter around the room. “Viggo, can you stay with Emelie and Erin?

“Stay with two beautiful females instead of fighting the bad guys? I thought you would never ask.”

When the last straggler was finally gone, Viggo clapped his hands together. “Let us go shopping. Those heels have to be killing your feet, Erin.”

I was so happy; I hugged him tight. “You’re a mind reader.”

“True, he bragged. “Which means that I cannot help but notice that you learned how to block. Come on female, spill. What going on between you and Captain Serious? He’s smoking today. That means something big must have happened last night.”

“What?” Emelie screeched. “You and Jakob? Oh. Holy. Shit!”

I smacked Viggo on the shoulder. “It’s supposed to be a secret! What’s the point of even teaching me how to block, if you are just going to blurt things out like that?”
He winked. “We are all girlfriends here. No one is going to out you to Soren. Give us the scoop.”

Sending a questioning look Emelie’s way, I couldn’t stop the smile that spread across my face when she gave me the “hurry up and spill” motion with her hands. “He thinks that we are true-mates.”

They both froze.

“He said that?” Viggo asked, almost too calmly.

The atmosphere in the room had turned serious. I didn’t understand what I’d said to cause it.

“Uh…Em, lay your hands on Erin and see what you can see.”

She held her hands out and I didn’t hesitate to put mine in hers.

“Come on Em," he urged. "Tell us something.”

Her sliver eyes shimmered in the firelight. “Damn it! It can only be a Väsen. That much I know. I keep seeing the castle, but that puts you with Kristian.”
My heart full of hope deflated.

“Don’t get discouraged, Erin. My visions aren’t perfected just yet. Maybe Jakob will be king one day.”

“Maybe,” I acquiesced, but I didn’t believe it. I remembered what Jakob said about not wanting to get stabbed in the back by his brother.”

“Yeah, Erin," Viggo agreed, a slight smirk curling up the corners of his mouth. "I could totally see you as queen in the future."

“Sure, the dark elves would just love to have a daughter of Odin as their monarch,” I said, rolling my eyes.

He thought it over for a second. “It may not be a complete disaster.”

I threw my hands up. “Let’s go get me a pair of sneakers, or sandals, or whatever elves wear on their feet before my blisters have blisters.”

Viggo smiled. “I was always a one problem at a time type of guy, anyway.”

Do you include some of your own personal experiences in your books or do you prefer to use your imagination?
I think that every author uses, at least, some of their own experience in their writing. To me, that's what makes an author's books so recognizable and comforting when you sit down to begin one. It's like seeing an old friend after a long absence.

Why Paranormal Romance?  What made you choose this genre over others?
This is my favorite genre. I doubt that I will ever write any other genre that I feel more comfortable with, or that is more interesting to me, though I do love the occasional classic book.

Do you have a specific process or a ritual you go through when sitting down to write?
Not at all. I have two desks, but I write most everything sitting on my bed, cross-legged with my laptop. Sometimes, I have to have complete quiet. Sometimes, the quiet makes me insane, so I'll turn on some Indie Rock. If all else fails, I'll turn on a movie that I've seen a billion times, like Pride and Prejudice or Twilight, just for the background noise.

Where do you find your inspiration for your plots?  Do you have any tricks of the trade you would care to share?
I wish! Plots are the hardest. Every outline I've ever written has been tossed by chapter three. I let the story tell me where it wants to go.

What is the oddest place/situation where an idea for a book/plot has come to you?
It's not all that odd for me, but nearly all of my ideas come when I have no pen and paper in the shower. I remedied this with a waterproof pad and pencil from It's been the best $3.00 I've ever spent!

What makes a book stand out and peak your interest?
Honestly? It's usually the cover. If the cover doesn't grab me, the only way I'll ever take notice is by word of mouth on Facebook.

We all have our favorite authors.  Can you share some of yours and tell us why you like them?
I hardly have time to read anymore, but when I do, it's usually from my fellow Indie Authors. My favorite Indie is Julie Cassar, author of the Ruby Blue Series. She's a really fantastic writer. She has to be to get a Paranormal Romance fan to read YA fiction! Another fantastic Indie is Kelley Grealis. I LOVE her Descendant Series. There are hundreds more I could mention! My favorite traditionally published author, hands down, is Molly Harper. Her Nice Girls Series is awesome!

We all have a pet peeve, care to share yours?
I have personal leaving the toilet seat up, my hubby leaving the cap off the toothpaste, but as an author, I'd have to say that it's the authors who employ bullying tactics toward other authors and bloggers. More and more, I'm seeing this behavior on Facebook and Goodreads. It's very disappointing, because this isn't a small pond that we're competing in. There's a huge literary world out there. We all should be able to take part of it without intimidation.

When you’re not writing, what are the things you enjoy doing to relax?
I read and watch period movies. I'm a huge Anglophile, so of course, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, and Sense and Sensibility are my go-to movies when I'm stressed.

Thank you so much for joining me here today, JD.  I know my followers will enjoy this spotlight as much as I have conducting it.  Good luck on all your future endeavors.


JD Nelson is a scenic artist for the entertainment industry, the author of Night Aberrations and A Night of Wickedness, and the owner of Chaste Moon Publishing.
When she's not spending time with her husband, you can find her writing, reading, or on her commute to work.
Twitter OR @NightAberration

When Emelie Andersdotter learns the outcome of a decades-long war hinges on her arranged marriage to an infamous royal known for his dark reputation, she sees no choice but to accept her fate. Resigned to her unavoidable destiny, she travels to her parents’ ancestral home under the protection of a trusted family friend, where she prepares to navigate a world ruled by dark magic, mystery, and intrigue.

Nothing can prepare her, however, for the surprising affection she feels for the man she has always thought of as her uncle, Soren Vidar - or for the alluring reality of her intended mate, Kristian Vasen. Powerful and darkly handsome, her betrothed is far from the nightmare she envisioned, and Emelie finds herself torn between the intense pull she feels for her fated mate, and her heart’s desire for Soren.

Night Aberrations is a romantic tale, set in a complex world, populated with interesting and entertaining characters sure to leave you cheering for the heroes while casting reproachful glares at the villains.
Obsidian Raines is everything I hate in a new neighbor. He’s smart, sexy, and a wealthy vampire. Now, I know what you’re thinking, he sounds hot, right? Well, he is hot, but that’s not the point. If you were a nymph you would understand. Life for us is no picnic; most of us end up stalkers, sex addicts, and prostitutes. I am no exception to this rule, which is why I was sent to the middle of nowhere Alabama to be alone. How was I supposed to know that he would inadvertently destroy all of my therapist’s progress with the first word that came out of his brooding, sarcastic mouth? 
In between Obsidian and my new friendship with Alpha werewolf, Oswin Morris, I’m pretty sure that my 'punishment' will turn out to be a catastrophe only a nymph could be capable of. 

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Special Saturday Spotlight 8/24/13



I live in the United Kingdom and I work in an antiques shop as well as writing. I have two dogs that keep me fit with their need for walks. I love the countryside and the coast.

I write romance, contemporary, and erotic with a twist of mystery, suspense, or the paranormal, now and then. I like to make the story unusual in some way, by a quirk in the tale. My books are always steamy.

Thank you for inviting me to talk about my latest erotic romance release from Hot Ink Press, The Old Star.

It’s a little more paranormal and darker than I usually write, but the idea came to me after I visited an old building. I was sent to look at a couple of antiques in a building scheduled for demolition and rebuild. The place was very spooky and then suddenly this guy appeared. He owned the place and showed me the items for sale. He was very attractive. (Smiles)

It’s erotic, and a love story.

The Old Star Released from Hot Ink Press 
August 23, 2013 

She was looking for new office space...but it found her…what’s hidden in this spooky place?

When Cathy Faraday goes out from her office to buy morning tea, a set of circumstances send her on a different route from the one she would normally take. Waiting on a street unknown to her is a house. Old and left to fade away the house looks shabby against its neighbors. The whole row of houses are now offices and Cathy sees a ‘for let sign’ outside the place. Something draws her to the house. Someone watches from the third floor window.

Cathy applies to rent the building to expand her dating agency business. As she begins to make it ready, the house reveals its secrets.

Erotic paranormal romance, set in contemporary England this story will haunt you.

Graphic sex/love scenes. 18+ only.

Purchase Links for The Old Star

Enjoy these trailers for The Old Star

You Tube
You Tube

Enjoy this excerpt from The Old Star 

He kissed down her neck again and slowly moved his hands up into her T-shirt. He found her bra and unclipped it as she sighed, and kissed his ear and jaw. He cupped her breasts and sighed too. She felt so good, her skin so soft, her nipples hard against his palms. He went back to kiss her mouth, and as she opened it to touch his lips with her tongue, he groaned a little enjoying the kiss. His cock hardened and he left her breasts to open her jeans. She kissed him and unzipped his jeans as he unzipped hers.

She had her hands in his shorts and her fingertips were cool on his cock. He wanted to thrust so badly, but he wanted his fingers against her clit. He wanted to slip a finger into her and feel the moistness, have her thrust on his hand and so he whispered. “Help me. Pull your jeans down…open your legs a little. I want my fingers in you, Cathy.” She pulled her jeans to mid-thigh and took her panties with them. She put her hands up around his face and kissed him, her tongue in his mouth as he fingered her. She was gasping and so was he. Their kisses interspersed with it.

“You feel so good…” He murmured.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2013

I’ve often been asked where I get inspiration for my books...
People and emotions inspire me to write. The complexity of life spurs me to write. I see emotions in people around me all the time, and often they remain unspoken. I think we don’t share ourselves enough, and are encouraged to hide our true selves. People and their situations inspire me. Meeting people and watching them battle with the love or lack of it in their lives.

Lots of my characters have some small foundation from real people who have passed through my life. They are composites of those glimpses of people and my imagination.

I find the world harsh. There’s not enough love in it. Lots of people never find love. I write contemporary love stories with happy endings to spread a little lightness around. I always have graphic love scenes in the close to real life stories, because I like to show the reader how the characters feel about each other deep down. The way they make love always shows their hopes and feelings.

I hope that my books do give the reader a lift and a sense of love. 

I’m running a celebration prize drawing because I am so excited about this book.

First Prize: WIN a $25 Amazon gift voucher to buy what you want and the kindle copy of The Old Star gifted from Amazon.

Second prize: WIN a kindle copy gifted from Amazon of both The Old Star and The Winter Girl the latest released erotic romances.

Lily Prescott is only just over a relationship break up when she decides to take up residence in a house left to her by her recently deceased grandmother. Her corporate law job takes a back seat as she licks her wounds in the small country town. She looks around the main shopping street and discovers people who will befriend her, but she also runs into the town’s most eligible bachelor and secret bad boy, Starr Forrester.
Loved for his lifelong association with the town, Starr hides his methods for staying single well from his friends. He’s nearly thirty, gorgeous, a designer, owns a business and on the lookout for his ‘Winter Girl’…
Will it be Lily? What is a ‘Winter girl’?
Fun, sex, romance and a little twist of the paranormal, makes this a must read erotic romance.

Third prize, WIN the kindle copy gifted from Amazon of The Last Time.

Steamy, erotic romance with a twist of mystery. Actor Seth Carbery swears he will never fall in love again, that is until he meets private detective Bethany Snow.
Something strange is going on. Seth and other members of the movie cast and crew are receiving threatening letters, but no threat has ever been carried out... yet. Bethany Snow is sent on location by the Black Agency to investigate, and guard Seth Carbery against danger.
The case is not what it first seems and even when Bethany thinks it could be over, a new twist means she becomes a target.
Seth and Bethany find they can’t keep their hands off each other.
Who is sending the letters and why? Does Seth have a secret admirer or stalker?
With steamy romance, graphic love scenes, and a quirky story of what people do for love this erotic romance is for adults only.

ALL prizes are international. Please enter via the rafflecopter and leave the address your prize should be gifted to if you win one of the three prizes. Choose any of the entry requirements not all. 
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