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Sunday Brunch 7/14/2013

First and foremost, it is a pleasure to have you here.  Welcome to Harper’s Sunday Brunch Spotlight!

So, can you tell us what makes Lillian Christiansen tick?  What got you started on the path to becoming an author?

Though I had done a lot of writing in my business profession and people often sought me out to write letters and other documents, I never thought of myself as a writer.  It wasn’t until I took a writing class and my professor took me aside to talk to me about doing more writing that I had any idea I had a voice as a writer.  From there, I embraced writing; it was like the light switch had been turned on.

What are you currently working on?  Would you care to share a snippet?

I am working on a story call “Lessons from a Dominatrix” though the title is subject to change.

Here are a couple paragraphs:

“The man behind her reached around and started to pinch her nipples.  With this sensation she threw her head back with a sound of pleasure and her pace quickened slightly.  She reached forward and rolled Christopher’s nipples between her fingers, mimicking what the man behind her was doing to her breasts.  Bodies began to move faster and Christopher began to thrust upward as he tried to take control of the pace and find his orgasm.  This changed how she moved; it was no longer a controlled and sensual movement.

To compensate for the change in the movements the man behind her also started thrusting.  I was watching a blur of tangled and uncoordinated bodies all trying to find release and all trying to compete for control.  It was very different than what I had read in my erotic novels, in the books this was all a well-choreographed beautiful dance.  The reality was clumsy and uncoordinated.  I heard a grunt from Christopher as he came.  She pulled off him as he went limp, shriveling in the cum filled condom. This gave the man behind her better access.  He was pounding her ass and getting closer and closer to his release, she started to rub her clitoris looking to find her orgasm too.

Do you include some of your own personal experiences in your books or do you prefer to use your imagination?

As a fiction writer, much of what I write is made up, but I often find my own experiences and emotions end up in my work. I also prefer to make sure that when I write about sex acts I know they are safe so most of what I write I have either tried myself or have witnessed.

Why Contemporary Erotica?  What made you choose this genre over others?

One thing I learned in my writing classes was to write what you know about.  I decided that what I knew about was sex.  In the future as I have the time and resources to do more research, I might branch out into some erotica with a historical theme as well as some fantasy fiction.

Do you have a specific process or a ritual you go through when sitting down to write?

I usually try to get rid of the distractions and put on some music and get into the heads of my characters, then hope they speak to me so I can put some words down.

Where do you find your inspiration for your plots?  Do you have any tricks of the trade you would care to share? 

My trick has been to be okay with my writing taking a direction that is different than what I might have originally planned.  Sometimes, as I write it, the story changes, and I had to learn not to fight this to just let it happen.

What is the oddest place/situation where an idea for a book/plot has come to you?

I was having lunch with a friend, and she said something, and that one phrase became the basis for a story. I joke with my friends that they should be careful what they say around me because you never know what will spark a story.

What makes a book stand out and perk your interest?

I like books with well-developed and complex characters.  I do a lot of reading in a lot of genres, and I feel like I can tell when a writer has a relationship with their characters and that is what I want, both when I write and read.

We all have our favorite authors.  Can you share some of yours and tell us why you like them?

When I was younger I liked Beatrice Small, her stories took you to exotic places, had strong female characters instead of swooning damsels in distress and she was breaking a lot of taboos when it came to sex scenes in Historical Romances. I am also a fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon for melding multiple mythologies while creating complex story lines and characters I feel invested in.

We all have a pet peeve, care to share yours?

My pet peeve is editing. I have come across many editors that seem to feel the need to subjugate the voice of the author with their own. I am more understanding if the editor is for a magazine or a publisher that has a certain voice and tone they use for all stories, but I get very irritated when this is done by an editor I am paying.

When you’re not writing, what are the things you enjoy doing to relax?

I enjoy crocheting while watching some TV, taking long baths and reading.

Thank you so much for joining me here today, Lillian.  I know my followers will enjoy this spotlight as much as I have conducting it.  Good luck on all your future endeavors.  

Lillian's Bio

Lillian Christiansen was born in the Great Northwest in one of the drizzling suburbs of Seattle. After so many years of wet weather that her toes were starting to grow webbing, she moved to the dry desert of Las Vegas Nevada. She often includes the northwest and the desert regions as backdrops for her writing. Currently her main focus is on erotic fiction and adult themes. She has had several short stories published in international magazines and runs a blog about all things related to sex, intimacy and erotica.

Lillian's Author Links

Lillian's Current Releases

Sex Happens in Vegas
The fantasy of the sexcapades that happen in the neon of Las Vegas nights have been emblazoned in the definition of Sin City.
In these four erotic stories you will find that what happens in Vegas is sex, sometimes it is the tourists, but even Vegas locals have fantasies to fulfill.
In some fantasies you expect to get just a one night stand and find one night is not enough. Other fantasies let you explore your desires devoid of inhibition or innocence and sometimes it seems the fantasies are all smoke and mirrors.
With Sex Happens in Vegas, you know the possibilities are endless, but these stories are only a few of the highlights of the naughty, hot Vegas nights.

Sex Said Goodbye
Four erotic tales featuring female characters who embrace their sexuality unapologetically!
Club Desire - This is not your typical club where the drinks flow, instead it is the lubricant and sex that flows. In the end not everyone can have their desires fulfilled.
Black Boots - Instead of nursing a broken heart Nina makes sure she will be the erotic woman he never forgets.
A Storm, a Drive and Goodbye - What would you do if you found your best friend and lover together? How do you say goodbye to two people you love? What would you do if you found your best friend and lover together? What happens when you say goodbye to two people you love with passion and sex.
Velvet - He wants control over her, dominance, she wants out and she finds a sexy way to walk away.

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