Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Brief Short by Harper 8/27/14

Mirror of Release

Twenty-eight-year-old Devin Hurley rolled from his bed, stumbling to the bathroom. It’d been a lousy night’s sleep for him…again. The faceless male that had been haunting his dreams for more than a few months now had been back, beckoning him and promising all kinds of sexual favors. Favors that always got Devin hot and bothered.

Still bitter about his break-up with Trace almost six months ago, he’d been keeping to himself, blocking out the need to be with someone as he tried to convince himself he didn’t need to have a warm, welcoming body in his bed to be complete. But who the hell was he kidding? The desire for companionship—someone to connect to—didn’t just disappear because he wished it so.

The first night he’d taken matters into his own hands and jerked himself off while picturing the hottest guy he could imagine was the first night the anonymous guy had invaded his dreams. On the mornings of each visit by this dreamy specter, he’d awakened completely exhausted, the bed sheets damp and tangled about his legs. And this morning had been no exception.

As soon as he reached to open the mirrored medicine cabinet to grab his shaving cream and razor, he sucked in a deep breath. Convinced he was more tired than he thought, Devin watched as the smooth glass of the mirror started to ripple and waver before his eyes. Dark pools of liquid desire began to come into focus, making him wonder if he was dreaming. It was him, the guy from his dreams, he just knew it. But now, the man’s face was finally coming into focus.

Using his palms to splash cold water against his stubbled chin and cheeks, Devin told himself to wake the fuck up. Eyes still closed, he turned away from the small mirror over the sink. When he opened them, his blood seemed to halt its stuttered flow through his veins. He was now facing the full-length mirror that covered the inside of the bathroom door. It wasn’t his own reflection looking back at him, though. For smack dab in the center of the fluctuating glass was the hottest man he’d seen in a very long time. Close-cropped dark hair covered the guy’s head in bluish-black shimmering strands. Eyes that seemed to change from light brown to puddles of dark ink shot arrows of lust straight through him. Washboard abs, muscular pecs and biceps, along with tree-trunk like thighs and a long, thick cock that seemed to be alive as it pulsated gently met his perusal. And the mouth-watering male was beckoning him with a crook of his finger.

“Come on, Devin. Come to me. Remember all those things I’ve been promising to do to you, to share with you? It’s time to make them come true.”

“Are you even real? Am I in a fucking dream again?”

“Take my hand and find out, Devin. I’m Lucas, and I want to be yours…all yours.”

Not one to deny his throbbing cock, Devin reached out with slightly trembling fingers. Like that, he was yanked through the rippling waves of what was once the mirror and found himself in a lavish bedroom. What looked like a finely-crafted dresser, wardrobe, and night tables filled the space along with the largest bed he’d ever seen. It had to have been custom made. However, none of these surroundings interested him more than the gorgeously muscular man that crawled across the comforter before turning to give him another lethally seductive gaze.

“Come on, Devin, join me. You won’t be disappointed.” Lucas stroked his enormous cock as he spoke, eliciting a groan from Devin.

“Oh, I’m sure I won’t be disappointed, Lucas.” The heat spearing from Lucas’ eyes nearly melted Devin on the spot. Fully awake—he hoped—his body responded in kind, his dick hardening to the point of pain. 

Kneeling on the bed to the side of Lucas, his hand reached out as he spoke. “Show me what you have in mind, Luc.”

“That’s an invitation I can’t say no to,” replied Lucas. “I want to swallow your cock, lover. Right now.”

“By all means.” Feeding his length to Lucas, Devin watched the man open and engulf him in the inferno of his mouth. The man’s tongue danced up and down his stalk, running across the pulsing veins and probing his leaking slit. “Shit yeah, just like that. Don’t stop.”

The only answer he received was a deep hum of satisfaction from Lucas. When both of his partner’s hands reached out to grab his waist then slid around to grip his ass cheeks in a bruising hold, Devin surged forward into the mouth currently paying homage to his dick and lost himself in the swirling sensations.

“Is my mouth giving you pleasure, Devin? Do you like what I’m doing to your cock?”

“Lucas…? Are you talking to me while you go down on me?”

“You bet, lover. I’ve got a shitload of talents you have yet to discover.”

“Bu-but how?” Devin was beyond puzzled.

“Don’t ask now, lover. Just enjoy…just take every pleasure I’m going to give you.” As Lucas spoke, his tongue seemed to change in shape, size, and density then began to slide into the seeping eye of Devin’s cock, making him arch and see stars.

“Holy fuck, Luc! No more questions, I promise.” Head rolling back on his shoulders, Devin fell back to find a bunch of pillows to cushion him. He had no idea where they’d come from but sure as shit wasn’t going to dwell on it. Blood rushed to his raging appendage, the throbbing growing stronger and stronger as Luc’s tongue continued its journey down his urethra. He’d heard and seen penile sounds being used in videos before and always thought it would be painful as hell. All he could feel right now, though, was mind-blowing ecstasy like nothing he’d ever felt before.

“Cum for me, Devin. When I feel your lava-like release shooting up your cock, I’ll pull my tongue out and swallow every last drop. Give it to me, lover.”

Devin’s mind splintered as his body responded to Lucas’ command, and pulse after pulse of his fiery essence shot up the length of his dick and straight to the back of Luc’s undulating throat.

“You taste divine, lover. I could eat your spunk every day from here on out.”

Finally spent, Devin’s body slumped, his knees nearly locking beneath him. The next thing he knew Luc’s strong arms wrapped about him, and his lover helped him to stretch out on his stomach, putting a few more pillows that simply appeared under his stomach, propping his ass up in what he was sure was an inviting position.

“I’m not done with you yet, Devin. You’ve had your release, now it’s time for mine. Don’t worry, I know you’re still recovering, so I’ll do all the work again. You just recoup and enjoy for now. Later, I want to feel that fucking hot cock of yours buried deep within my ass. Later…”

With a mind clouded in euphoric bliss, Devin had a hard time processing all of Luc’s words. At this point, it really didn’t matter what the sexy guy that seemed to have mystical powers said, he wasn’t going to deny the man anything.

A knee between his calves nudged his legs open as finger tips crawled like a spider up the backs of his legs to his thighs, forcing a long, drawn-out groan from his lips.

“You want me in your ass, don’t you, Devin?”

“Hell yes, Luc! Take me, fill me…drill me with everything you’ve got.” Within seconds, Luc’s slick member began to penetrate, pushing past the tight ring of muscles until he was fully seated. Pushing back against the invasion that seemed to have lubed itself, Devin’s walls closed in, holding Luc in a vise-like grip.

Shocked surprise morphed into sublime delirium when the cock firmly entrenched in his ass suddenly felt as if it were covered with thousands of tiny tongues, all reaching out to tickle and caress his nerve-rich channel.

“Lucas, oh holy fuck. What are you doing to me?” Devin panted heavily as his once-lax dick began to awaken with a ravenous hunger.

“Why loving you of course, Devin. I’ve been waiting my whole life for you, lover.”

Those words enveloped Devin like a comforting blanket from childhood, filling his heart with warmth and affection as Luc’s enchanted cock filled his ass with blistering cum.

“I’ve been waiting my whole life for you too, Luc.”

“So you’ll stay here with me, Devin. Stay and be mine. You’ll want for nothing, I promise.”

“Yes, Lucas, I’ll stay.”

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