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Sunday Brunch 2/9/14


First and foremost, it is a pleasure to have you here. Welcome to Harper’s Sunday Brunch Interview!
Thank you for having me. This is my first brunch interview. It’s very exciting for me.

So, can you tell us what makes Macy Farmer tick? What got you started on the path to becoming an author?
Unaware at the time, an experience I had in the third grade started me on my path to becoming a writer. I had an assignment to write a short story. I had to create a character list and plot... Throughout my school years, that was the only assignment I truly enjoyed. *laughing* It took me away from my reality at the time and allowed me to create a world of fantasy, one that had a happy ending after. It thrilled me to no end when my teacher pulled me aside after class to tell me she loved my story and that I would make a good author if I chose to do so. For decades, her words have been in the back of my mind. Although I dabbled in poetry and short stories over the years, it wasn’t until I watched my sister battling cancer and fulfilling her lifelong dreams that I truly became inspired to fulfill my dream of becoming a writer. Seeing her achieve every goal she had while fighting cancer, raising a family and working full time… My sister is my truest inspiration. She is why I started writing. She taught me that anything is possible if you want it bad enough, that any goal can be met, if you just reach for it. More importantly, that your life could end in the blink of an eye so live it to the fullest.

In 2010, the last year of her life, I picked up a pen, yes I said, ‘pen,’ and started writing Natalia’s story. I haven’t stopped since.

(Love you Lynn XOXOX)

What are you currently working on? Would you care to share a snippet?
Currently, with Book Rhythm by my side, I am re-revising the first 4 books of The Magic of Black Forrest. Once finished, Book Rhythm and I will re-release all four books at once. Afterwards, I’ll begin writing book 5.

Do you include some of your own personal experiences in your books or do you prefer to use your imagination?
Since I write about; shape-shifters, vampires and witches… ‘Oh my.’

I combine my imagination and life experiences.

As a child, I spent a fair amount of time in my own dreamlike world. My imagination took me to places one would have never dreamed possible. My imagination is what created the Magic of Black Forest; a world of romance and fantasy.

My own experiences were used to capture and show the beautiful rural lands of Black Forest. Also, like myself, Natalia, my leading lady, enjoys to ride ATVs and take long walks in the woods.

What genre do you typically write in and why did you choose this over others?
At the moment, my genre of choice is Adult Paranormal Romance. Witches, magic, and mystical creatures fascinate me. And, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been infatuated with vampires and shape-shifters. Combine them with a hot sexy man and a hopeless romantic; you have an adult paranormal romance.

Do you have a specific process or a ritual you go through when sitting down to write?
Other than turning on some background noise like music or the television, no, not really.

Where do you find your inspiration for your plots? Do you have any tricks of the trade you would care to share?
I’m new to writing so, at the moment, I have no tricks to share. I’m still learning how to write.

My inspiration, other than my sister, is the rural lands of upper Pennsylvania. Being at Black Forest chases all the stress away. It calms my soul, freeing my mind to create a fantasy world. From there, I write whatever my muse tells me to write. If she’s not in the mood to guide my creativity, I spend my time staring at my laptop or into the woods.

What is the oddest place/situation where an idea for a book/plot has come to you?
The oddest place, during a manager’s meeting at my day job. Bored with the corporate strategy session, I started doodling. Unconsciously, I drew a dragon shifter. (Not a very good one I might add.) My co-worker, to get me to focus, kicked my foot, pulling me from my trance. After kicking her back, I stared at the drawing for several minutes. Instead of saying the wheels started turning, I like to say my muse rose from her slumber.

After she yawned and had a good stretch, my creativity juices started flowing. By the end of the meeting, I had created Anabel, my sexy heroine for book 5 and a plot summary.

Luckily, no one called upon me to answer any questions. Consumed in my paranormal world, I hadn’t heard anything the speakers had to say.

It was truly the best strategic meeting I ever attended.

What makes a book stand out and perk your interest?
The genre, followed by the cover. If the cover perks my interest, I check out the title and the blurb. Overall, to me, the cover makes a book stand out.

We all have our favorite authors. Can you share some of yours and tell us why you like them?
I’ve never really thought about it. There are so many talented authors out there that have inspired me throughout the years. Three authors that I truly enjoy reading are: R.L. Mathewson, Nicky Charles and Kate Perry. Great plots, hot heroes, steamy sex scenes, humor, and romance. Love their books. Some I’ve read repeatedly. I highly recommend reading them.

We all have a pet peeve, care to share yours?
I have several. One that stands out is being interrupted when I’m writing. If there’s a pen in my hand or my fingers are typing, please hold your thought until I’m finished.

Just because you can’t hear the conversation I’m having with my muse or characters doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist or it’s okay to interrupt me. It’s rude when people interrupt you while you’re talking, this is no different. *Giggles*

When you’re not writing, what are the things you enjoy doing to relax?
Hmmm, that typically depends on my mood and the weather. Reading is what I enjoy most; anytime and anywhere. Rainy days, if I don’t have a good book to read, I’ll rent a mushy, romantic chick flick. On a warm sunny day after a rain storm, when there’s plenty of mud, I like to get muddy going ATV riding.

Thank you so much for joining me here today, Macy. I know my followers will enjoy this spotlight as much as I have conducting it. Good luck on all your future endeavors.
You’re welcome. Thank you.


Born and raised in southeastern Pennsylvania. The youngest of three, Macy started telling stories at an early age. As a young adult she began writing poems and short stories.

Today Macy, a romantic with a creative imagination, spends most of her free time writing. If she’s not writing or reading, she enjoys riding ATVs with her husband on the trails of upper Pennsylvania’s state forests.

Her love for writing romance, reading and life led her to fulfill her childhood dreams of becoming a Paranormal Romance Writer.

(soon to be re-released) 


TWITTER or @Macy_Farmer

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