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Sunday Brunch 6/2/2013

Today's Sunday Brunch Spotlight is
with author Oliver Lixx

First and foremost, it is a pleasure to have you here.  Welcome to Harper’s Sunday Brunch Spotlight!

So, can you tell us what makes Oliver Lixx tick?  What got you started on the path to becoming an author?

First, thanks for having me, this is my first official interview!  If I had to sum up what makes me tick, it would all start with my drive.  My brain is wired to be competitive and to be an achiever, so I don’t take failure all that well.  Generally, I don’t allow myself to fail, so it’s all good.  I also have a certain panache for being that guy who always has the witty comment at exactly the right time.  What can I say, it’s a gift!  As far as what steered me down the author path it was my early love of reading and my early days as a dungeons and dragons dork.  I didn’t really like playing it as much as I loved creating characters.  I found giving those characters something to do, like an interesting story, was just too appealing to pass up.

What are you currently working on?  Would you care to share a snippet?

Currently, I am working on a book called Thrill of the Chase.  It’s a paranormal erotica tale about a stuntman whose soul is being sought after by agents of good and evil.  Both sides are selling hard, and it comes down to who can really seduce him to their side.  They are trying to appeal to his urges and neither side is willing to give up without a real naughty fight.

Do you include some of your own personal experiences in your books or do you prefer to use your imagination?

I always try to put a little of myself into the things I write, but don’t limit myself to it by any means.  What I like to do is find situations, characters and locations I would like to experience and then figure out how make it come alive.  I try to put myself in my character’s shoes, fully understanding their motivations and what makes them tick, and then have them act out accordingly.

Why Erotica?  What made you choose this genre over others, like Contemporary Romance or Mystery?

Truth be told, I am a fantasy author in disguise right now.  I have actually written two full blown two-hundred thousand plus word novels that are awaiting future publishing.  I have also started a paranormal noir novel.  Most of the other writing I have done has been very graphic in nature with very mature content.  As a fish out of water in the romance type books, I felt Erotica would allow me a little more freedom to write more my style.  To be a little less stringent and allow for more “wow factor.”

Do you have a specific process or a ritual you go through when sitting down to write?

First, I take off all my clothes and put on a black cape…no, seriously there is no specific ritual or anything.  The only constant is that I type on my laptop.  I would say the only other ritualistic aspect is that I am usually multi-tasking while I am writing.  It sounds weird, but it gives me a chance to write, take a five minute break, re-read what I wrote, digest it, and press on.  Rinse and repeat.  Occasionally I will listen to music, usually some type of original soundtrack orchestra type deal.  Specifically a band called Two Steps from Hell—totally epic music for sure!

Where do you find your inspiration for your plots?  Do you have any tricks of the trade you would care to share?

I find my inspiration through the creation of characters.  I have my character way before I have anything concrete for a story.  I try and mold an interesting character and then study them and ask myself, “what situation would impact this type of character in the most significant way?”  Then, I start out with a situation that I feel is strong, and then from their build the story around it.  Highly unorthodox, but I never find myself trying or forcing myself to hit a word count.  Everything in the story happens for a reason and allows me to connect all the dots as they move from situation to situation until it finally ends.  And when it ends, then I know the story is done.

What is the oddest place/situation where an idea for a book/plot has
come to you? 

At a funeral.  It was for someone I was not really close to, but kind of had to go.  When boredom started to set in, the mind started to wander…and boy did it veer in some strange paths considering where I was.

What makes a book stand out and perk your interest?

I’m a sucker for a cool looking cover and an interesting title.  I won’t purchase just based on that though.  Generally, I’ll thumb through a sample chapter or so to see if it hooks me.  I will also admit I am way more interested in the characters than the plot.  Great characters have saved many a weak plots!

We all have our favorite authors.  Can you share some of yours and tell us why you like them?

Jim Butcher is my favorite.  I love Jim’s work because his characters are perfect.  Not flawless, but perfectly imperfect.  He gives powerful characters flaws that make them real, writes despicable characters you love to hate, and manages to work in all sorts of surprises and quick turns you just didn’t see coming.  I also love George R. Martin’s Game of Thrones series.  It is just so ridiculously large in scale I am in wonder on how he keeps it all straight.

We all have a pet peeve, care to share yours?

Laziness, hands down.  You didn’t earn anything if it was given to you, and you sure as hell won’t get anywhere if everyone does it all for you.  Work hard, earn your gold stars, and you will be better off for it in the long run.

When you’re not writing, what are the things you enjoy doing to relax?

Relaxing is a relatively unfamiliar term to me…as a married man with three children, there is often very little down time.  I do manage to keep myself busy with plenty of hobbies and activities though.  I am a martial arts teacher, I love to watch hockey games (Love my Detroit Red Wings), enjoy playing tennis with a couple of buddies, make cheesy little comedy movies with my kids and talk with friends online.

Thank you so much for joining me here today, Oliver.  I know my followers will enjoy this spotlight as much as I have conducting it.  Good luck on all your future endeavors. 

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